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Scholarship Endowments

For UTMB students, scholarships can be summed up in one word: opportunity. These special awards serve as both a reward and an incentive for academic achievement, helping ensure that the most outstanding aspiring physicians make Texas home. By building an even more vigorous program of scholarship support at UTMB, we can help supply our state with the medical professionals so essential to its future.

Scholarships play another vital role. Consider students in our School of Medicine. On average, UTMB medical students graduate bearing more than $130,000 in debt. And with that debt comes a dilemma. Young health care professionals with significant financial obligations are more likely to be motivated by monetary considerations in making career choices. For medically underserved communities—whose hospitals and clinics are less able to make competitive job offers—this has profound implications.

Establishment of $20 million in new scholarship endowments is one of the priorities for UTMB’s $450 million Working Wonders Campaign.

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