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Galveston County Regional Leadership Council

Fred C. Burns, Chair
The Honorable Matthew T. Doyle, Vice Chair

C. Clif Barnhart, Jr., MD and Katherine L. Barnhart
Richard E. and Mary A. Black
Patricia W. Burns
Dean L. and Marilyn J. Callender
The Honorable Matthew T. Doyle and Debra Doyle
Michael C. and Rebekah (Weez) Doherty
James B. and Cynthia A. Earthman
Susan Falgout
James and Sally Galbraith
Diane J. Gillebaard
Irwin M. and B. J. Herz
Lloyd and Sue Ann Hill
Eugene and Gerry Levin Hornstein
Brenda L. Hutchings
Harry B. Kelso, Jr., MD and Margaret Kelso

Harris L. (Shrub) and Hetta (Peaches) Kempner
Thomas D. Kimbrough, MD
Brent E. Masel, MD and Ann Masel
Dolores Q. Mendoza
Dennis E. and Pamela Miller
Jerry and Rowena Mohn
Diaz and Laura Murray
Danny and Eliza K. Quigley
The Honorable Lewis Rosen and Fredell Rosen
Mary Ann Salch
Barbara W. Sasser, PhD
Gerald and Susanne Sullivan
The Honorable Lyda Ann Thomas
James L. and Dancie Ware