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Campaign Progress

(as of 8/1/16)

Total Gifts and Commitments
$440 million - 98% of Campaign Total!

With its $450 million goal, the Working Wonders Campaign is the largest effort for private support in UTMB’s 120-year history. Over the course of the campaign, a remarkable outpouring of philanthropy has taken place. More than 11,160 benefactors have invested and shown their support, their collective commitments totaling more than $440 million. That generosity includes:

  • $202 million—and counting—toward the $270 million philanthropic goal for the new Jennie Sealy Hospital
  • $75 million  for a major renovation of John Sealy Hospital
  • $25.5 million  in scholarship support for students across UTMB’s four schools
  • $27.6 million in endowments to help recruit and retain outstanding faculty
  • $29.7 million for a variety of special research and clinical care programs