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Mr. & Mrs. Koester

 SON Alumna, Longtime Faculty Member and Husband Give Gift to New Jennie Sealy Hospital

For more than 35 years, UTMB has played a role in the lives of Peter Koester and his wife, Dr. Priscilla “Pat” Koester. Dr. Koester retired after 22 years as a clinical nurse specialist and instructor at UTMB in 2000 – but it’s hard to tell. She continues to work as a clinical instructor several months a year. 

“Choosing to work when you don’t have to is great. I just carved out the work that I most enjoy – working with clinical students in the hospital setting,” said Dr. Koester, who graduated from UTMB School of Nursing in 1979.

It’s only natural that the Koesters will have a nursing station named in their honor on the 11th floor of the new Jennie Sealy hospital. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last summer and began to consider ways to give back to organizations that helped shape their lives. A generous gift to the Working Wonders Campaign, supporting the new hospital, seemed the right opportunity.

UTMB was vital to the Koester family when their daughter-in-law gave birth to their first grandchild. The baby was expected around Easter but was a Christmas surprise instead. Rebecca weighed less than two pounds at birth and spent months at UTMB. Now she’s 17, in good health, working at her firstjob and planning to graduate high school next year. Dr. Koester later learned that some of her former students participated in Rebecca’s care.

 “The UTMB hospital and schools are a valuable asset for our community, our region. It’s important to keep it up to date, healthy and going strong,” Pete Koester said. “We both see UTMB doctors at mainland clinics and that’s not possible without UTMB.”

To that, his wife added: “We’re both in good health and we want UTMB to keep us that way.” She and Pete also participate in clinical trials at the health science center.

The Koesters wanted to give where their financial support could be put to good use. They know the Koester Nursing Station will be a place of both exceptional patient care and hands-on student training.

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